Maria Lindholm

Strateg, Affärsutvecklare, Innovatör, Varumärkesstrateg, Kundansvarig, Internationell Marknadsförings- och Säljchef mm
Strategi, ledarskap och insiktsarbete 99%
Varumärkes, team och affärsutveckling 95%
Innovation och progressiv/driva framkant 90%
Yogaterapi/yogalärare 100%

Internationally experienced Director within multiple disciplines such as Business Development, Marketing, Sales & Strategy Strategist with an edge within Insight analysis, Innovation, Market relevance and Future Passionate about working with insights, people, business and team/leadership development With EQ, IQ & DTQ (digital tech intelligence), perceptive leadership & top deliveries.

• An artist and Director in one as comfortable back 2 back with the Creatives as in the boardroom
• Exceptionally talented within these areas according to a recent Clifton Strengths Finder Test: Ideation-Strategic-Achiever-Intellection-Activator
• Strong relationship-building skills, intuitive feel for people and nuances
• Analytic problem solver/opportunity finder, innovative in coming up with viable ideas and solutions • A strong eye for seeing the whole picture, connecting the (unexpected) dots converting insights
• A flexible, committed, high capacity mindset able to stay sharp under pressure
• Have held key positions on multiple sides of the table
• Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial profile
• Educational Master degree focus along work within dedicated focus areas: international marketing, customer relationship management (as a strategic marketing tool) – idea management (commercialising ideas bringing them to market)
• Independent effective lead delivering results
• Prestigeless and loyal team player building great teams
• Open minded, flexible DNA with ease transferring between different industries, arenas and titles
• International work and life experience, 2nd home is New York City, 3rd home Italy

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