Bayo Callender

Human Rights, Race, Gender, and Inclusion Expert
Europe | North America | Africa
Racism, Anti-Racism, Intercultural Inclusion 90%
Organizational Learning 90%
Leadership Coaching 80%
Plant whisperer 50%

Bayo is a trainer, mediator, coach, and facilitator with UN experience and a background that includes law and policy development, strategic planning, compliance, internal auditing, multiple stakeholder engagement, HR management, and technical writing. She is a certified participatory gender and diversity audit facilitator and brings more than 20 years of experience in organizational change development, strategic planning, and human rights advocacy through the lens of inclusion and diversity. A seasoned manager and engaging speaker, Bayo advises and trains on a range of issues related to inclusive workplace practice and high-performance team building.

As the principal behind the Anti-Racist Global Citizen™, Bayo supports organizations in their work on multifaceted issues in racism and anti-racism through coaching, training, and strategic management.