The Norm Engineer’s Field Codex

All our Norm Engineers are certified and our work is based on a common approach - our Field Codex. The Field Codex guides our Norm Engineer in their work towards change and forms the ground that we stand on, to enable and develop a self-organizing organizations using our Norm Platform.

  1. Many linger at the symptoms - we trace the problems to their source.
  2. Honesty opens the door to values - where we want to be.
  3. Our network of people, experiences and ideas all strengthen your message.
  4. We will help you navigate but the steering wheel is yours.
  5. We are bold but gentle, determined but humble. We are proud but never satisfied.
  6. In the focused effort lies our leverage.
  7. Pack for goals and results, but don’t leave your curiosity at home.
  8. Our work needs to be profitable.
  9. The compass shows us our direction, but not the obstacles. Be prepared to change your course.
  10. Good examples are valuable - let’s share the good stories.




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