Become a Certified Norm Engineer

Add Gender are proud to offer a unique and tailored training that leads to the title “Certified Norm Engineer” and a linkage to Add Genders brand, network and future development. The Norm Engineer training programme will give you:

  • A unique and tailored training programme that will lead you into The Norm Engineer’s approach
  • Concrete tools and strategies for investigating and rebuilding norms in different contexts
  • A safe arena to test your wings and learn together with others before embarking on the great reality
  • Take part of The Norm Engineer’s Field Handbook and Field Codex, this will be your guide in the work of mapping and rebuilding norms
  • Participation in a steadily growing network of Norm Engineers within widely differing industries, geographical locations and backgrounds

The Norm Engineer’s work is always based on our common Field Handbook which is a product of Add Gender’s own unique experiences. The approach is under constant development and your are therefore equally as important to us as we become for you.




The Norm Engineer’s Field Codex