Mapping of the development of gender equality over time

Add Gender have been engaged in the issue of forest equality for many years. It all started at SkogsElmia 2011 where Add Gender participated with a stand in the shape of a Trojan horse. The campaign aimed at “smuggling in equality in the forest”. Add Gender was Elmia’s strategic partner and supported the fair in the development of gender equality work. Add Gender, in collaboration with Norra skogsägarna, John Deere and others active in forestry, has also written a children’s book about the forest industry to encourage children and young people to choose a career in the forest: “The strength is within - Anna runs a forest machine”. Add Gender has pronounced itself as experts in forest equality and has since worked with different forest companies to provide competence and meet their needs and wishes for gender equality. This experience has led to a good understanding of the challenges that forestry is facing when it comes to gender equality work, but also for the solutions that has already been implemented and the existing driving forces within forest equality.

In 2018 Skogsstyrelsen asked Add Gender to map the development of gender equality since the strategy established in 2011. The survey consisted of examining relevant research reports, interviewing some 40 people at key positions in the industry and looking at the indicators that the government established for forest equality. The working group consisting of one researcher, one practitioner and a communicator/ mapping expert formed a unique dynamic that led to a useful analysis. The result was compiled in a report that was later presented at an industry conference in December 2018. In a classic Add Gender-style the report was delivered with a focus on clear and concrete recommendations to facilitate the industry’s continued work towards forest equality.



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