Plan Sverige

Lifting internal values

Plan International Sweden is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and works to ensure that all children in the long term are given the opportunity to develop positively in a safe environment where their rights are met. The organization's work focuses on girls' equal conditions as girls are one of the groups in the world who are the most discriminated. During autumn of 2018, Plan International Sweden also wanted to catalyze its internal equal treatment work, in order to effectively raise valuation issues in everyday life in the office. Issues that needed to be answered were what these issues of valuation meant within the equal treatment plan, how they interact with the businesses external goals and the individuals own role as an employee or manager.

With this in mind, Add Gender tailored and implemented a collaborative process to create a vibrant internal dialogue on equal treatment in the workplace. The purpose was for the collaboration work to result in a unique way of working for equal treatment and to bring the active measures to life. A clear basis for decision was made that supported in transferring specific lessons and recommendations to both management and employees. Today, work on equal treatment continues independently and with a clear framework and Add Gender continues to provide energy and competence when needed.


Competence Evolution

Management and Capability