Equal recruitment

By 2025, 100 percent of E.ON’s energy will be extracted from renewable and recycled sources, a high target that requires innovation. A prerequisite for this is to take advantage of the diversity of perspectives and therefore E.ON actively works to promote an equal and inclusive organization. E.ON has more than one million customers in Sweden who are supplied with electricity, and several large cities that are supplied with heat. To understand the customers needs, the workplace must also reflect society.

To create such a workplace, E.ON works hard to include all employees. An example of such an inclusion is the engaging in issues relate to HBTQ+ and to spread responsibility and give employees increase mandate to make decisions. However, as in so many other technical industries, it has been difficult to even out an uneven gender balance.

E.ON’s goal is to have an equal and inclusive recruitment process. With help from Add Gender’s experts within norm-critical perspective and inclusive communication. Recruits and managers have, through concrete reviews of work process, employer branding and recruitment advertisements, received several useful tools to bring in new perspectives in the daily work of recruiting new employees. Concrete recommendations for an equal and inclusive recruitment process and simple keys to how gender equality and diversity are welcomed through language and image have created a great commitment and understanding, and have also led the group to smoothly and seamlessly get their work with inclusion started.



Recruitment and Employer Brand