Tools for inclusive communication

Domstolsverket is a Swedish government agency and functions as a service organization for the courts in Sweden. “The Swedish Courts” is the collective name for all active courts in Sweden. The Swedish Courts began in 2018 their work towards developing a new visual identity which among other things included a new external website. In order to ensure that all material regarding communication would work equally and in an inclusive manner, they needed to review how the previous communication worked, and based on that, develop knowledge and tools to continue on the right track.

Add Gender was hired to provide expertise and input on what was already working well and what was needed to be improved to develop new inclusive communication both internally and externally. With our recommendations, communicators at “Domstolsverket” were given the opportunity to develop their own unique way of working towards including communication, both internally and externally. A checklist was developed to make sure employees in their everyday lives would have a useful tool to quality assure the materials for communication. The final training sorted out concepts and terms regarding norms and inclusion which created a common ground for the participants to utilize. It also provided experiences through tangible learning in games and exercises.


Competence Evolution