Blixten & Co

Education in gender equality and employer responsibility

Live entertainment producer Blixten & Co has been in Add Gender's clientele for many years and it has been an exciting journey to follow their development regarding gender and inclusion issues. Early on they had a clear goal to take the lead regarding the conversation about the issues in the industry, but they realized that they needed to start internally with a mapping, setting goals and education. After #metoo, a new educational investment was made in which all employees participated. In addition to looking at legislation, employer responsibility and such, employees have discussed possible risk areas and challenges based on their own specific roles. Together, solutions and working methods were discussed in order to reduce the risks of sexual harassment. The exchange of experiences that took place in the groups was useful in understanding that their own perspective does not always correspond with the general picture - or that the person I work closely with, may see things in a completely different way.

In collaboration with Add Gender, Blixten & Co has started both a rewarding and necessary conversation about gender equality at an industry level, but they have also taken concrete steps towards realizing the dream of being the leading company in the industry regarding gender equality and inclusion issues.


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